You know who they are…

Without overworking, over-stressing or spending nights/weekends away from their friends and family “TRYING” to make it work, they add £10M, £20M, even £30M (or €’s) in AUM profitably to their book every year.

They take big holidays. Their kids go to private schools.

They work from home, from the office, from the beach, it doesn’t really matter. They have time to pursue other interests.

They sleep like a baby knowing where their next client is coming from.

You go to networking events. You sponsor local activities in your community.

You try radio. You try seminars.

You keep trying random acts of obsolete marketing to get your name out there hoping it will work.

So, you decide to go digital.

You try blogging.

You try social selling (whatever that is!).

You try Facebook. You try LinkedIn. You try Twitter. You try introducers…

You might even try getting more certifications.

If you want to break free, I am not here to tell you it’s easy.

I will tell you that you can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results.

Let me clear away the fog, it doesn’t work that way.

Throwing stuff against the wall might work with spaghetti, but it doesn’t work with business.

You think you need credentials to get clients to trust you. I see that clients don’t care about the letters after your name.

You think you need to meet with clients in person 3, 4, or even 5 times before they will work with you. I see that most clients want help quickly, and your process is often not aligned with how they conduct their other professional relationships.

You think doing free work, free plans, or taking a loss is a strong business model. I see that you are devaluing your service and will attract the very people you do not want as clients. My dad taught me: people only value the things they pay for…think about it.

You think getting referrals will fuel your growth “if only” you could get more of them. I see that you will hit a glass ceiling if you rely on this method to grow your business. Maybe you already have.

You think clients have to know, like, and trust you before working with you. I see that your future clients care more about fix, than fit.

You think only a small percentage of your potential clients use social media. I see a new fact of life has emerged. More than 80% of them use it often, even if they don’t talk about it or post anything.

You think paying to get clients might lower your perceived value. I see that paying to attract clients gives you the highest position in the market.

Let me explain…

If you are like most advisers, you have been trying to grow your practice the old way. When you see the top 1% of advisers and try to figure out what they are doing, there is always something missing, something hidden behind the curtain that you can’t figure out.

If you want to stop guessing at what that is, read on.

Here’s what I have noticed from talking with hundreds of advisers from across the UK and Ireland.


What I have observed is this: There are three things that they have that you don’t.

  1. A crisp understanding of who their ideal client is. This is not a vague definition of “I help people that are 55-65 thinking about retirement.” It’s more strategic.
    Without clarity here, every marketing or advertising effort you pursue will result in high costs and few results. Some advisers are happy to leave their business growth to chance, but the top 1% are not.
  2. A predictable way to generate qualified appointments profitably. If you can’t spend a pound (Or Euro) and make two, three, or even £10, you don’t have a practice that can grow predictably. What you have is a roller coaster filled with ups and downs, eventually you will get sick and want to get off. Your clients expect returns, you need to view your business the same way.
    When you look at how leaders in any market continue to grow, you will see they know exactly how to use capital to acquire more clients. The top 1% don’t leave appointment generation to chance and they know exactly how much each one is worth to their business.
  3. A super clear sales conversion process that is 1-2 meetings in length vs 3-5 meetings and several months before a decision. Most advisers sabotage their success with long, drawn out processes that include free work to prove their value. Most potential clients want help without jumping through lots of “process” hoops.
    The top 1% align their sales process and service with the outcomes their clients need. This takes one, maybe two meetings without doing any FREE work. They are willing to say “NO” and walk away from people they can’t help.

The truth is, the world is changing and so is consumer behaviour.

Many of our clients tell us what used to work just doesn’t anymore. I could go into why, but does it really matter?

I don’t think anyone wants to take on trying to change consumer behaviour.

If you want to cling to the horse you rode in on, I will not try to sway you to change. But please take this as a friendly warning: your business is at serious risk.

Are you ready to join the top 1% of financial advisers in this new market without borders?

In this new market, your fishing pond is not limited to a set of postcodes around your office.

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The world has changed and today is a new day. Will you join the ranks of the top 1% in this new market opportunity or keep doing the same things and expect the world to conform to you?