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Thompson Consulting is a lead generation service for Financial Advisors, Planners and Wealth Managers. Founder, Paul Thompson is a digital marketing expert who helps Financial Service companies profit wildly through lead generation. He initially became involved in the industry by studying for a degree in Marketing and International Business, and has since started and scaled up 4 businesses both in Ireland and Australia. He brings extensive experience in targeted lead generation and online marketing strategy to every single campaign.

Backstory / Statement

For me, there are three key trends at the moment.

1. Leveraging Linkedin to generate high-value prospects. Particularly for B2B businesses and those in financial services.

2. Secondly, having a great content marketing strategy based on useful and engaging pieces of content. This really allows any business to stand out in their marketplace.

3. Finally, positioning yourself as more of a specialist and less of a generalist. In other words be the big fish in the small pond, rather than the small fish in the big pond!

Three focused topics which Paul is considered an expert and could subsequently speak about include:

● High value lead generation
● Linkedin marketing & lead generation
● Marketing for financial professionals

Interview Resources

1) How long have you been involved with digital marketing and how are you ‘qualified’?

2) How long have you been lecturing at the IBAT College, Dublin?

3) Why do you focus on marketing for financial professionals?

4) Why did you decide to set up a remote company and what are your perceived benefits and negatives?

5) Why do you believe LinkedIn is the best platform for financial professionals to generate leads?